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The Best drug-free high you can give to your overall well-being, with zero come down!

About Us

Getting You High on Life, Love & Happiness...

Providing you with a hands-on holistic approach, step-by-step guided mindfulness meditation & support to fully embrace the wellness of your personal power, while achieving your goals through accountability, we keep your Dreams Real 4 Life...  

And that's why...

Dreams Real 4 Life, Inc. is proud to present our ShockRaw Therapy 90 Day Program and support group!

What Exactly Is ShockRaw Therapy?

Derived from the Sanskrit word, Chakra, meaning energy wheel, this program infuses the power of: 

*  Chakra Energy Healing 

*  Embracing Personal Power 

*  Overcoming Obstacles

*  Living a Life with Purpose & Freedom

With dedication, compassion & personal support ~ 

ShockRaw Therapy is the rehab you’ll become addicted to!

ShockRaw Therapy 90 Day Program

Reawaken Your Inner Queen and Take Back Control of 

Your Throne in 90 Days or Less!

  • Forgive & Love Yourself 
  • Trust & Believe in You!
  • Communicating Creativity
  • Love & Forgive Others
  • Self Control is Sexy!
  • Being Grounded is Not a Punishment



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